Smoke in Translation has been designed in relation to a perspective of a public direct involvement on the theme of smoke-related diseases. Since many years a lot of campaigns and law regulations tried to inform people on the dangerousness of smoking, however only a few years ago the target of addicted users started to change and nowadays the amount of smokers teenagers reached alarming levels, especially if considered that the majority of them are young women. This project aims to valorize the importance of generating innovative creative methods for smoking prevention through user-based results capable to reach the sensibility of young smokers.

The aim is to offer to young addicted a check-up of their breath through an extraordinary experience in the form of a personalized Breath-Based Lollipop: the taste, color, size and position of the candy will completely depend on the single detected markers. Specifically, the device is designed to identify:

a) Nicotine in breath / EBC: the lollipop’s flavor changes, ranging from a sweet to a bitterer taste and reproducing the taste that a smoker perceives after 5-10 years of smoke;

b) CO in breath: the lollipop’s color changes, ranging from a purple till a deep pink;

c) VOC's: the lollipop’s position on the stick changes, indicating the amount of VOCs in the smoker’s breath.

d) Blown breath liters: the lollipop changes its size, becoming bigger or smaller in relation to the breath capacity of the different users.

Once the markers are detected, the device formulates the features of the Lollipop and blows the caramel directly on the packaging. The wrapping contains the information to analyze each lollipop’s characteristics and becomes therefore a legenda to understand what’s contained into the person’s breath.




breath - based lollipop

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