I’m a designer and researcher, and in my work I try to bring a strong sense of empathy and humanity. I adopt a multidisciplinary approach to design and I strongly believe in the deep value of collaboration between different disciplines and specializations.

My work touches relevant design and social issues, such as the role which design could play in relation to sensitive areas and the new possibilities that this could create in a future society.

My design approach focuses on experimental strategies with the aim to bridge creative thinking and human experiences. In my practice and work I bring together experiments in participatory processes, design anthropology and social development.

I work extensively with arts-design and academic organisations, grass-roots community groups, healthcare organizations, older people, people living with dis(abilities), marginalised communities and individuals, focusing on meaning-exploration, identity and politics of inclusion.

My design practice includes research and concept development, creation/co-creation of solutions, service design, visualization techniques and dissemination.

Short Bio:

Alessia completed her Bachelor of Architecture at the University of I.U.A.V., Italy, and consequently obtained her MDes at the Man and Humanity department at Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. As part of Creative Industry Scientific Programme (CRISP) she was involved in the G-Motiv project as Research Associate at Design Academy Eindhoven.

In 2014 - 2015 she has been Lecturer at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and currently she is is completing her PhD at the Open University.

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