The current European law does not allow a person to sleep on the streets.

Therefore, especially during the nighttime homeless have to move to different places. Victims of abuse, violence, and cold winter temperatures, many homeless finds death on the streets. By working with homeless for few years it become clear that it’s very difficult for them to transport stuff such as shelter and personal items, because other homeless would often try to steal it.

Project question: how can we use the legislation and its gaps to support people without home?

Playing with the law and the regulation in the public spaces, born the idea of hanging a parasite structure on the street walls. (technically the parasite shelter does not touch the street, therefore it would be legal to hang). Furthermore, this approach aim at consider the relation between the space inside a house and the one outside it, with the intention to instigate a possible connection between those two spaces and trigger social inclusion.




connecting walls - rights and public space

alessia cadamuro